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Lunch & Lead

Empowering Leaders Over Lunch

Join us for our 12-month Lunch and Learn Series for Leaders

Overview: Lunch & Lead is a transformative series designed for leaders who are committed to excelling in their roles and making a positive impact in their organizations. This monthly program combines the ease of a lunchtime meeting with the depth of a comprehensive leadership workshop, creating a unique platform for learning and growth. Each session is tailored to address critical aspects of leadership, from understanding team dynamics to personal development.

Program Sessions:

  • February - The Art of Reading People: Unlock the secrets of effective communication and relationship building by learning how to read verbal and non-verbal cues. Enhance your empathy and understanding to lead with insight.

  • March - Surviving and Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workforce: Discover strategies to bridge generational gaps, leverage diverse perspectives, and create a harmonious and productive work environment.

  • April - Legal Learning for Leaders: Navigate the complexities of legal issues in the workplace. Gain essential knowledge to protect yourself and your organization from potential legal pitfalls.

  • May - Firing Employees: Master the delicate art of terminating employees with dignity and respect, while safeguarding your team's morale and your company's reputation.

  • June - Managing Change: Learn to lead effectively through change. Develop skills to anticipate, manage, and communicate change, turning challenges into opportunities.

  • July - Career Planning: Guide your personal and professional growth with strategic career planning. Set goals, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for success.

  • August - Bold Leadership: Cultivate the courage to lead boldly. Embrace risk, inspire innovation, and drive your team towards extraordinary achievements.

  • September - Beating Imposter Syndrome: Overcome self-doubt and build confidence. Recognize your value and lead with assurance.

  • October - Building a Winning Culture: Create an environment where success thrives. Foster a culture of engagement, excellence, and continuous improvement.

  • November - Diffusing Tough Situations: Equip yourself with techniques to handle conflict and high-pressure situations with poise and effectiveness.

No December Lunch & Lead

  •  January - Rewards and Recognition Programs: Learn how to design and implement effective reward systems that motivate and retain top talent.

  •  February - Becoming More Aware of the Emotions of Those Around You: Enhance your emotional intelligence. Understand and respond to the emotional needs of your team, fostering a supportive and empathetic workplace.


Benefits: Participants in the Lunch & Lead series will not only gain invaluable insights from each session but also have the opportunity to network with other leaders, share experiences, and develop lasting professional relationships. This series is more than just a learning experience; it's a journey towards becoming a more effective, empathetic, and dynamic leader.


Lunch & Lead

Location: Virtual

Workshop Dates:

Last Wednesday of every month

February 28, 2024, through  (Skip December because of Christmas) February 26, 2025

Details: Twelve 60-minute lunch and learn style sessions.

Time: 12:00 to 1:00 PM (ET)

Cost: $40 per Lunch & Lead or $400 for all 12 sessions (discount applied if paid in full)



Have 10 or more leaders at your organization that would benefit from the Lunch & Lead series? Host the series at your location exclusively for your leaders.  Topics can be tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

Contact us today to learn more

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