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Jen Atienzo-Fisher, Founder of Evolution to Revolution Consulting & Coaching

Founder & Chief People Builder

Meet Jen Atienzo-Fisher, Founder & Chief People Builder at Evolution to Revolution Consulting. Jen's background in Communications, Human Resources, and Training Development gives her a unique perspective, allowing her to understand problems and people guided by experience and empathy. Jen specializes in DISC and communication training, goal-setting and attainment, life purpose coaching, career path development, and leadership development.

Jen is a firm believer that everyone can create positive change in their lives with the right support. Her passion and purpose lie in helping others grow and evolve into their best selves. She empowers her clients by equipping them with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

When Jen is not transforming lives, she enjoys spending quality time with her energetic seven-year-old son and wife, speaking at conferences and events, and writing. If that weren't enough, Jen is also a talented musician and the lead singer of two local bands. 

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