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Develop your Emotional Intelligence in this 8-week in-person or online workshop series

In today's dynamic leadership landscape, success extends beyond technical expertise. For professionals at all levels, the key to effective leadership lies in mastering emotional intelligence and self-awareness.


The 'Embracing Emotional Intelligence' series is a versatile program tailored for a diverse audience, from aspiring leaders to experienced executives across various sectors like business, non-profit, education, and government. This program is committed to fostering growth in emotional intelligence and self-awareness for all professionals, regardless of their current role or industry.


This inclusive series spans eight weekly 60-minute sessions, available both in-person and online, with additional activities to engage in outside of the sessions. Through a blend of research, case studies, and interactive exercises, participants will embark on a personal development journey, enhancing their ability to form strong relationships, tackle challenges, and inspire their teams.

'Leading with Emotional Intelligence' offers practical exercises, in-depth assessments, and reflective activities to guide each participant in their unique path of growth. The program is designed to empower individuals with diverse leadership experiences to lead authentically and empathetically, unlocking their true potential as inclusive and impactful leaders.


Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Location: Online, Zoom

Workshop Dates:

There are currently no scheduled workshops. Check back soon for dates later in 2024.


Details: Eight 60-minute Lunch & Learn style workshops (workbook included in cost) 


Time: Noon to 1:00 PM (EST)


Cost: $500 per person



Have 10 or more leaders at your organization that would benefit from the 'Leading with Emotional Intelligence' or 'Leading the Way: Leadership Growth Workshop Series'? Host the workshop's at your location for your leaders.  

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